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Seychelles - Your Gateway to Paradise

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Welcome to Seychelles!

Dear Colleagues, 

We have prepared for you this useful and exciting e-learning platform, where you can learn new and interesting facts about Seychelles, see beautiful and tempting photos, and watch inspiring videos. 

You will find four themed moduls, about the country and its geography, arts and nature, its culture and cuisine, useful phrases, its plenty of islands, and lots of essential information about the country. You can download the modules, study them when and in order that suits you.

After you have taken the course, please test your knowledge in a simple test. Do not worry, if you do not pass at the first try, you can try it again and again, until you are satisfied with the result.

And the most imporant and motivating of all: a trip to Seychelles is waiting for two lucky students who take this course :)

You can register by clicking on Registration button in the upper right corner, we will confirm your registration within a short time and notify you about it by e-mail. 

Looking forward to see you amongst our e-students :)

Course content

Seychelles for Travel Agents

Experience Seychelles: Our home, your sanctuary. Preview 01:21
Seychelles - the Paradise on earth
Seychelles - the Paradise on earth 03:36
Modul 1 2 MB
General information about Seychelles, its geography, climate, population, arts, cuisine and much more
Modul 2 765 kB
Introduction to Seychelles flora and fauna
Modul 3 2 MB
Island hopping
Modul 4 1 MB
Essential information

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over 2 years ago
very informative! cant wait to visit the destination.
Judit Vitez
over 3 years ago
Was very informative. Lot to learn. Great overview.


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